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Art @ the Airport

This gallery is designed to showcase the cultural vibrancy of our community to the nearly 1 million visitors going through the Quad City International Airport each year,

Art @ the Airport in The Quad City International airport gallery is easy to find-just across from the gift shop and restaurant and before the security check-point. It never closes and you’ll pay just a dollar for parking.

Current Exhibit
juliet stock, julia kulish, & natalya sots
october 31 - january 1, 2020

Quad City Arts Art @ the Airport presents:

paintings by Julia Kulish and Juliet Stock, with functional ceramic art by Natalya Sots, from October 31 - January 1, 2020.

juliet stock

Juliet Stock, from Bettendorf, is a self-taught artist whose technique for depicting florals and landscapes incorporates carving through acrylic paint on gesso board. By carving through the paint, Juliet emphasizes lines and shapes, and creates patterns and textures in the surface of her work. Her use of black creates depth and causes her jewel toned colors to pop. Within Stock’s abstract paintings, a viewer can easily imagine themselves on some fantastical island with unlimited paths in which to turn and something interesting to see in every direction.

julia kulish

Julia Kulish, from Center Point, IA, paints large scale florals using numerous layers of oil glazes. She focuses on the graceful, sinuous line found in the structure of petals and foliage found in her immense home gardens. Often her compositions depict the chaos of flowers in their natural state, intertwined with one another. Julia’s penchant for painting flowers in front of dramatic skies creates a theatrical, energetic scene unlike a typical still life of a flower in a vase.

natalya sots

Natalya Sots is a ceramic artist originally from Pavlodar, Kazakhstan, but has lived in Chicago’s suburb of Schaumburg, since 2002. She got started as an artist in high school when she worked at a ceramics factory where she decorated the dishes before they were glazed and fired. She continued this work while attending school at the University of Semipalatinsk where she completed a degree in Art Education. Natalya combines her love of painting with her unique and whimsical teapots, cups, bowls and other functional pieces, which are in demand at regional art fairs.

up next...
kelly schnell, emily fitzpatrick, & colleen curry
january - february, 2020
About Art @ the Airport

The Quad City International Airport gallery space, also known as Art @ the Airport, is a formal contemporary gallery that has more than 1,600 sq. ft. of exhibition space in floor-to-ceiling glass cases. Nearly 1 million visitors view this space annually. This gallery is located in the front of the main arrival/departure seating area among the majority of airport traffic. Exhibits in this space are bi-monthly and showcase artists living within 250 miles of the Quad Cities.

View a map for driving directions to the Quad City International Airport. For more information, visit the Quad City International Airport website.