Annual Call for Entries: Public Sculpture

Quad City Arts Annual Call for Public Sculpture

WHERE: 6 or more sites throughout the Quad Cities

DEADLINE: April 10, 2016, 7 am



Sculptors working within a 350 mile radius of the Quad Cities are invited to participate in an outdoor sculpture exhibition with 6 or more sites throughout the Quad Cities. (Artists residing further away will not be excluded, but must understand that the stipend is firm, regardless of mileage.)

Artists may submit up to five pieces to be considered for all sites. Past sites have included The City of Bettendorf, The City of Davenport, the Davenport RiverCenter, Downtown Rock Island, and the Kone Centre in Moline. We are working on more site commitments for 2016-17, meanwhile we wish to compile a portfolio of sculptures that will be available for rent or purchase beginning mid-June.

Sculpture Criteria
All entries must be completed prior to submission. Work must be of the highest quality. Materials and construction must be able to withstand adverse weather conditions typical in the Midwest including high winds, heat, ice, rain, and freezing temperatures with an unsupervised general audience. Sculpture must be original and appropriate for a pedestrian environment. The work must be able to be secured to a concrete pad with anchor bolts unless otherwise pre-arranged and approved. Unstable, poorly constructed, fragile, dangerous, inappropriate or small, lightweight works will not be accepted. Quad City Arts and its partnering organizations reserve the right to reject any sculptures that do not meet these qualifications. In consideration for other applicants, please do not enter a piece that is pending a call for entry or sale elsewhere.


All selected artists will be paid a $1,200 stipend for the loan of their sculpture for one year. (Payment upon successful installation.) The exhibition will be promoted in the media by Quad City Arts and the presenting organizations. Sculptures will be for sale. Fifteen sculptures have been purchased since the beginning of this program in 2002.

To Apply:

*Google Photos is the new method for photo upload. It is fairly simple and you do not have to have a Google account to use it.

If you already have a google account or email you will have to add an account to submit files.

  • First, sign into your google account at
    • On the My Account page the Google icon will be in the top left corner and on the top right corner will be 4 icons:
      • Your name
      • The option menu (9 small stacked squares)
      • A circle with a bell in it (notifications)
      • The first letter of your name in a circle
    • Use the mouse and arrow to hover over the last icon (the first letter of your name in a circle)
      • Click on that circle and select add an account.
      • Enter and hit next. It will open another dialogue box with the password box.
      • Enter publicsculpture (lowercase one word) and hit next.
      • It will send you to the My Account homepage for the Quad City Arts account.
  • If you do not have a google account/email then you can sign in using our information.
  • After you have signed in to the Quad City Arts account (the first letter icon will be Quad City Arts logo in a circle), you are ready to upload the photos.
    • Click on the 2nd icon (the 9 stacked squares option, it is to the right of ‘Quad City’).
      • 12 icons will appear, click the Photos icon on the bottom line to upload and identify your sculpture.
  • It will take you to the Photos page.  At the top center is a Search box and to the right of it is a + sign and an icon of a grey cloud with an arrow in it.
    • Click on the grey cloud icon and upload your photos. Your photos could be stored anywhere on your computer to upload (usually found in pictures, under libraries).
      • Choose the file (photo) you wish to upload by clicking on the photo twice, it will upload. To upload multiple photos at once, hold the control (ctrl) key down while clicking on the photos with the mouse cursor for each photo to upload. The photo/photos will pop up in lower left of the screen, click Add to Album. Another dialogue box will open, select New Album (opening a new page with one photo on it). Title it with your last name, first name by typing over the Untitled section above the photo. Once the photo is added to your album, click on the photo and the next page will open to enter the Info, enter the following information in the Add a description field.  If the Info box did not open, you can click on the small circle icon that has an i in it and continue to add following information.
        • Title of the work.
        • The medium of the sculpture.
        • The size: height x width x depth. Add the size of the base if there is one.
        • Type in the price, including a 35% mark-up or commission.
        • Type in any details, description or anecdotes about the sculpture that will make some someone want to
          have it.
        • Type in the kind of assistance needed to place it. (E.g. no assistance, lifting assistance needed, crane
          needed, boom truck, etc.)
  • For multiple files/photos:
    • After adding information on the first photo, repeat steps to enter information for each photo by hitting the white back arrow (on the web page, not the back arrow in the browser tool bar) and clicking on the next photo to enter your information. Continue this step for each photo even if it is a detailed photograph.


Send a confirmation e-mail to after you have uploaded all of your photos. Include your name, email address and phone number.


The selected artists will sign an exhibition agreement stating:

  • The presenters and facilitator of the competition will choose the site for the piece.
  • Artists are responsible for costs, equipment and labor necessary for the installation and removal of art work. A boom truck and electricity is available upon request and pre-approval of Quad City Arts. Artists and City employees, along with Quad City Arts representative, will work together on sculpture installation.
  • Artwork(s) will remain for the duration of the exhibit.
  • The presenters and facilitator, in the interest of public safety, have the right to remove any damaged sculpture in the absence of prompt and satisfactory repair by the artist.
  • Photos of the works may be used in marketing, promotional, and educational materials. If the work is not sold, artists will be required to pick up their sculptures promptly after the end of the exhibition period.
  • The presenters and facilitator are not liable for any claim, loss, theft or damage of any kind during transportation. The presenters will provide insurance coverage for 65% of the retail value of the work during the exhibit. Some deductibles and exclusions apply. Additional items may be included in the formal agreement.
  • A 35% commission is collected on items sold as a result of the exhibit. All commissions on sold work will go back into sustaining the sculpture program of the town. Payments to artists for pieces sold will be made after the close of the exhibit.

The Quad Cities

The Quad Cities metropolitan area is located along the Mississippi River in eastern Iowa and western Illinois, approximately 165 miles west of Chicago and midway between Minneapolis and St. Louis. The area is said to actually consist of 17 cities and is home to over 350,000 people, making it the largest metropolitan area between Chicago and Des Moines. With cultural amenities rivaling any big city setting and the mighty Mississippi at everyone’s front door, the area is seeing resurgence in the focus on downtown development that invites residents and visitors to shop, eat, live, work and play!

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