Public Sculpture

Communities that invest in public art create a vibrancy demonstrating an investment in and respect for the area. Quad City Arts has been instrumental in facilitating public art for 14 years.

This summer, eleven sculptures are being installed throughout Bettendorf and Rock Island. All of the leased sculptures are for sale to anyone with interest in owning them, and if purchased, could be moved after June of 2018.

Visit sculptures we’ve placed throughout the Quad Cities [map].

Crane services generously donated by Hampton Cranes, Bettendorf.

Permanent Installations

The 24’ aluminum sculpture titled “Swoop,” by Michael Young of Chicago, provides a grand entrance to Bettendorf at Martha’s Point on Riverdrive. After being leased for one year, the piece was purchased by the city with the help of Alcoa and dedicated on August 3rd, 2015. Mayor Robert Gallagher and Manufacturing Director of Alcoa, Rob Woodall, led the dedication ceremony. Artist Michael Young was also in attendance. He explained that Swoop “is meant to convey the thrill a bird must feel as it dives toward the water, and the moment its wing just skims the surface before it begins its climb back to the sky.” Swoop is the fifth permanent sculpture purchased for Bettendorf through the Public Sculpture program. Others are: Trajectory, also near Martha’s Point, Unity at City Hall, Heartstrings at Splash Landing and Cradle at the Waterfront Convention Center.

Mayor Robert Gallagher, artist Michael Young & Rob Woodall from Alcoa
“Swoop” with Bettendorf Mayor Robert Gallagher, artist Michael Young & Alcoa’s Rob Woodall

Davenport purchased several sculptures through Quad City Arts’ program, and the RiverCenter continues to attract visitors with the addition of two sculptures on the RiverCenter grounds. A stainless steel work titled “Comet Tails” by Don Horstman of Fenton, MO, and a rusted steel work titled “Seasonal Celebration” by Paul Bobrowitz of Colgate, WI have become permanent RiverCenter attractions as a result of a “lease to own” agreement.