Current Exhibit

Art @ the Airport: July & August

Works by Sam Schold of Sherrard, IL, with Carrie and Nicholas Baxter of Freeport, IL.


Sam Schold


Sam Schold, of Sherrard, IL makes ukuleles, guitars and even amplifiers from cigar boxes made of Spanish cedar. He builds everything except the box from a variety of beautiful woods. The necks, fretboards and headstocks are all handmade. Schold states, “I like to use surprise elements such metal hinges or drawer pulls, when I need a functional component.” His instruments are beautifully playable, but also serve as collectible art.



Married artists, Carrie and Nicholas Baxter, present textured paintings and colored photographs highlighting Yellowstone National Park. The two embarked on this series in honor of the centennial anniversary of the National Parks Service on August 25, 2016. Carrie’s paintings focus on the colors and textures of the microbial mats that are found in and around the hot-springs. Nicholas’s photographs compliment her paintings with imagery of the microbial mats and the landscapes they engulf.

Art @ the Airport: Sept. & Oct.

Fabric/fiber art by Colleen Curry, functional sculpture by Jennifer Costa, and paper collages by Amber Williams.


Colleen Curry, of Donahue, IA loves to experiment with different materials and techniques. Each of her wall hung pieces incorporates one or more of the following techniques: painting, mono printing, soldering, dye with chemicals or indigo, handmade stencils, embroidery and more. She goes for unexpected fabrics such as organza, Pellon, velvet, wall grass cloth and chair caning. Her pieces range from monochromatic to rainbow and from abstract to representational to whimsical.


Jennifer Costa is a professor of art at Illinois Central College in Peoria, IL. Costa combines wood and metal to create functional art pieces. Costa was “influenced by the Art Deco and Art Nouveau artists such as Eileen Gray, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Louis Majorelle and Emile Galle. They had made these amazing sculptural objects that served a double purpose-not only were they full of intricate sculptural detail, but they were functional as well,” Costa explains.  Look for sculptural mirrors, tables and unique cabinetry.


Amber Williams, of Davenport, IA creates collaged landscapes out of reused paper, cut and assembled by hand.  She sources most of her paper from used security envelopes and magazine copy. Williams’ collages are a far cry from the “craft project” that comes to mind when hearing the term collage. Williams cuts hundreds of tiny shapes from the paper, then pieces them together to create large scale landscapes and waterscapes, rich with detail and visual texture.


These three women show that the imagination knows no bounds when it comes to creativity.



Art @ the Airport in The Quad City International airport gallery is easy to find-just across from the gift shop and restaurant and before the security check-point. It never closes and you’ll pay just a dollar for parking.