Current Exhibit

Art @ the Airport: Nov. & Dec.


Quad City Arts’ Art @ the Airport presents abstract landscape paintings by Kent A Broadbent of Annawan, IL, and Rhonda Gates of Rockford, IL with ceramic sculptures by Linda Lewis, of West Des Moines. 

Both painters use different approaches and styles to suggest and interpret landscape rather than to describe a particular place. Gates’ paintings are structured and geometric; created with heavy, vigorous brushwork applied thickly to give a “sensuous, tangible quality of mass” to the suggestion of landscape and atmosphere. Gates’ body of work is titled, “Landscape: a Portrait of the Artist.” Her paintings portray “an emotional character of the feelings engendered in me through immersion within particular landscapes.”


Broadbent’s gestural and interpretive landscapes combine line and color to show movement and evoke emotion.








For Linda Lewis, “Working with clay and the human form allows me to create a world in which a story can unfold, and allows me to connect people to one another in a way sometimes words cannot.” Through clay, Lewis expresses common threads of the human experience by using the figure, imagery and gesture as powerful narrative tools.







Upcoming Exhibit

In January and February, Quad City Arts will present paintings by Leah Richter and Julius Cavira, with clay sculptures by Jefferson Henshaw.



Leah Richter, of Clinton, IA, paints large oil paintings on wood panels which tell the story of her family’s adoption journey and bring awareness to children that are in foster care.




Julius Cavira, of Cedar Rapids, paints primarily urban landscapes with an emphasis on illumination.  The high contrast paintings show the power of artificial illumination (street lights) and natural illumination (sun).







Jefferson Henshaw, also from Cedar Rapids, brings imagination to life with his clay sculptures creating whimsical “huts” that look like they came out of a fairy tale.







Art @ the Airport in The Quad City International airport gallery is easy to find-just across from the gift shop and restaurant and before the security check-point. It never closes and you’ll pay just a dollar for parking.