Current Exhibit

September 2 – October 21

On exhibit from September 2 through October 21 are works by Chris Rayburn and Kevin Schafer, both of Davenport, IA.

Neighbors by Chris Rayburn web

Chris Rayburn (above) presents a thought-provoking look at the unnoticed details and ordinary places surrounding us, in his exhibition, “Neighbors.” These photographic images explore how homes built as replicas or mirrored duplicates have evolved with their owners while the initial skeletons of the buildings remain, serving as historical documents of where and how we live.

Black Vulture by Kevin Schafer
Kevin Schafer (above) presents “Specimens: One Dozen Eggs from the Putnam Collection,” a photographic series documenting a sample of 12 eggs from the Putnam Museum’s collection. The unique aspects of each individual specimen are accentuated by the consistent size of the eggs and the black background in each photograph.

Upcoming Exhibit

October 26 – December 9

On exhibit from September 2 through October 21 will be “Transitions: Pottery and Paintings”, by Lori Roderick and Zaiga Minka Thorson, both of Rock Island, IL.

“At some point in life, we all must deal with the loss of our parents. Perhaps it is after an extended illness where we had to make difficult decisions about their care and well-being, while juggling travel and raising our own children,” explains Zaiga Minka Thorson. Thorson, who recently lost both of her parents, found comfort in confiding with her longtime friend, Lori Roderick, who is experiencing the emotional roller coaster of assisting aging parents. Both artists realized that through the creation of art, they could work through their feelings at a deeper level, and then be able to share a message of resilience and hope with others.

Lori Roderick (left) will display stoneware and terra cotta sculptural vessels embellished with designs, glazes and surface treatments.  The pieces explore the importance of memory, family, hope, and faith.

Zaiga Minka Thorson (right) will exhibit paintings, some created with oils or watercolors and others with pen & ink.  Emotions of love and loss are exuded through her brush strokes in every painting.

The public is invited to meet the artists at the opening reception on November 4 at Quad City Arts in Rock Island, from 7-9 pm. Complimentary food and beverages will be served.