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Public Sculpture

Our Public Sculpture Program coordinates the selection and display of public sculpture with cities, organizations, and businesses in publicly-accessible locations throughout the Quad Cities.

The sculptures are leased and on public display for a one-year period, at which point they will either remain as permanent installations or be replaced with a new sculpture.

All sculptures are for sale. For sales information, contact Dawn Wohlford-Metallo at 309-793-1213 ext. 108. 

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2019-2020  Sculptures:

"fiddler in the field"
by paul bobrowitz
river's edge business park
"just visiting"
by donald horstman
ascentra credit union
"buzzy bush"
by mike helbing
martha's point
by donald horstman
waterfront convention center
by mike helbing
faye's field
"lessons learned"
by mike godell
veteran's memorial park
by donald horstman
bettendorf community center
Rock Island
by paul bobrowitz
longview park
"precariously perched I"
by paul bobrowitz
lincoln park
by hilde debruyne
rock island library sw branch
by nathan pierce
five points intersection
"growing up"
by ben pierce
centennial bridge visitor's center

check out some of our permanent public sculptures:


"It's going to be okay"

by: benjamin pierce

faye's field



by: sol lewitt

the figge plaza

rock island

"lloyd's trek"

by: stuart morris

schwiebert park